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Metrowest Homes: Summer Outdoor Space Makeover

Stewart Woodward

The Metro West Home Team provides its discerning clients personalized one-on-one service, direct availability to the resources of Stewart and his team...

The Metro West Home Team provides its discerning clients personalized one-on-one service, direct availability to the resources of Stewart and his team...

Jun 24 1 minutes read

As the days get longer and the warmth of summer invites us outdoors, reimagining your backyard into a vibrant and functional entertainment space can transform your summer days in Metrowest. Imagine hosting family barbecues with the backdrop of lush New England greenery, entertaining friends on cool evenings, or enjoying a quiet night under the stars. Beyond the immediate enjoyment, these enhancements can significantly boost your home's appeal and market value in the Metrowest real estate scene.

1. Craft a Comfy Outdoor Lounge Metrowest Style

Begin with setting up a cozy lounge area that echoes the comfort of your indoor spaces while embracing the natural beauty of Metrowest. Opt for weather-resistant furniture that can withstand our unpredictable New England weather. Incorporate local touches with throw pillows and blankets made from locally sourced materials. A fire pit can become the heart of your outdoor living area, especially during the cooler evenings that are characteristic of our region. Ambient lighting, such as solar-powered lanterns, enhances the magical feel of Metrowest summer nights. Adding a locally crafted side table or a bar cart can offer convenience for those lemonades or evening cocktails.

2. Dining Al Fresco, Metrowest Edition

Outdoor dining takes on a new level of pleasure in the scenic Metrowest area. Choosing a durable dining set that complements the natural beauty surrounding your home is key. To guard against the midday sun, which can be particularly strong during the Metrowester summer, consider adding a pergola or a market-style umbrella, perhaps adorned with lights or local greenery for extra charm. An outdoor rug can tie the setting together, creating a seamless extension of your indoor dining space right into the heart of nature.

3. Gourmet Outdoor Kitchen and Bar

For the enthusiastic cooks and hosts, an outdoor kitchen elevates your entertaining capabilities and integrates the lush, green landscape of Metrowest into your culinary experiences. Start with essentials such as a high-quality grill and a prep area, possibly adding conveniences like an outdoor fridge or even a wood-fired pizza oven, which pays homage to Metrowest’s vibrant culinary scene. A bar setup, with a selection of local brews and spirits, encourages a relaxed, sociable atmosphere. This transforms cooking from a chore into a shared celebration.

4. Metrowest's Own Backyard Theater

Embrace the starlit skies of Metrowest by transforming your backyard into an open-air cinema. A portable projector and a simple screen can turn any evening into an unforgettable movie night. Opt for comfortable, weatherproof seating options, and set the scene with fairy lights to capture the enchanting night sky. A popcorn machine and warm blankets add to the coziness, creating a perfect setting for family movie nights or watching classic New England films under the stars.

5. Water Features for a Tranquil Retreat

Incorporating water features brings a sense of tranquility to your Metrowest outdoor oasis. From a gentle fountain to a bubbling pond, the sound of water can soothe the soul and provide a peaceful escape from the world. For those warmer days, a plunge pool or a hot tub can offer a refreshing respite or a warm embrace on chillier nights, reminiscent of Metrowest’s natural lakes and ponds. Surround these features with native plants for a low-maintenance, serene backyard retreat.

6. Games and Activities for Everyone

Make your outdoor space a hub of fun and games that capture the playful spirit of Metrowest. From family-friendly lawn games like cornhole to more adult-oriented activities like a bocce court or a mini-golf setup, there’s something for every age. These installations not only make your home the place to be during the summer but also integrate beautifully into the natural landscape, offering aesthetics as well as entertainment.

Final Touches for Your Metrowest Outdoor Space

In the end, it's the little details that bring your outdoor entertainment space together. Consider planters filled with native Metrowest plants for a burst of local flora. Outdoor cushions and throws, perhaps in the hues of our stunning New England autumfalls, can add a layer of comfort and style. High-quality outdoor speakers discreetly tucked away can fill your garden with music without disturbing the natural harmony. Solar-powered lighting is not just eco-friendly; it illuminates your Metrowest home in an enchanting way, ensuring every night is as beautiful as it is fun.

With these inspired ideas, your outdoor space will not only enhance your quality of life but make your home a highlight in the Metrowest real estate market. Whether hosting a lavish gathering or enjoying the peace of your outdoor haven, these touches will ensure your summer days and nights are filled with joy and serenity.

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