Are you excited for the Game of Thrones finale on Sunday?
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Game of Thrones isn't for everyone, but the castles are pretty impressive.
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Private Schools in Lexington


Waldorf School of Lexington

Grades PreK through 8

"We all know that the best teacher is not a computer – it’s a great teacher! At the Waldorf School, our curriculum is media-free, our faculty is outstanding, and our students thrive"

Lexington Montessori School

Grades PreK through 12 

"The Montessori philosophy of cultivating internal motivation, learning actively and at your own pace, and learning how you learn, gives the school both its dynamic and its gentle spirit"

Lexington Christian Academy

Grades 6 through 12

"Independent college preparatory day and boarding school, which integrates faith and learning...committed to a fusion of academic and experiential learning."

Tremont School

Grades 5 through 12

"A deliberately diverse and collaborative community that challenges students to take ownership of their learning. We create a real-world, interdisciplinary context that fosters joyful exploration and develops students’ natural curiosity, personal interests, and individual potential."

Lexington Prep School

Grades 6 through 12 

"Lexington Prep School has over 15 years of experience in helping students achieve their dreams. We understand that one-size-fits-all never works, so we offer eclectic and versatile curricula and programs to meet students’ diverse needs."

Lexington Singapore School

Grades 1 through 8

"Lexington Singapore School is founded by Singaporean Kar Hwee Koh, with years of experience teaching in premier schools in Singapore. Students are challenged with critical thinking problem-based questions in a fun and collaborative environment."

Armenian Sisters Academy

Grades PreK through 5

"A school open for children of Armenian heritage that focuses on nurturing each student to motive their learning of the Armenian language and culture.  Our commitment is to work hard to ensure that students leave our school as ethical young men and women, who possess the integrity to become responsible citizens- with a deep passion for learning and an eagerness to work hard, take risks and make a difference"

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